CTI Capabilities

Personnel Breakdown







CTI Personnel

At CTI, dynamic teams of project managers, multidiscipline engineers, technicians, and machinists work collaboratively to develop, manufacture, and integrate systems tailored for each mission objective. Security, contracts, and project control professionals support every program with dedicated administrative expertise to ensure consistent and secure project execution. CTI personnel hold degrees at all levels through PhD in a wide range of technical and management disciplines, as well as industry-leading credentials including PMP, CISSP, PE, and IPC among others.

CTI Facilities

CTI facilities in Alexandria offer combined engineering and lab spaces to support a wide range of prototyping, manufacturing, testing and mission support activities. Our Integrated Technology Center (ITC) in Sterling, VA is uniquely equipped to accommodate larger scale systems development. Spanning more than 80,000 ft2, over half of our footprint is dedicated to prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and training labs optimized to support our core lines of business. CTI is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Facilities Breakdown


Labs & Fabrication


Engineering & Office Space


Controlled Space


High Bay Integration

Prototyping Labs

Places where integrated product development teams can evaluate concepts and quickly deliver solutions to the field.

Supporting Tools and Infrastructure

  • Engineering CAD tools for modeling, simulation, and virtualization:
    • Systems (Matlab)
    • 3D mechanical systems (Inventor and SolidWorks)
    • Electronics (Altium)
    • Finite Element Analysis (Ansys)
    • Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Electromagnetics (HFSS)
  • Reverse engineering with FARO arm, laser scanning, CMM, XRAY, and optical comparators
  • PCB prototyping tools (LPKF) for circuit and antenna prototypes
  • 3D printers (multiple technologies and materials)
  • Laser cutters and etchers, WaterJet

Advanced Engineering Tools

Extensive Build & Test Equipment

Water Jet Cutting


PCB Assembly


Multi-Axis Machining

Plastics Molding

3D Printing

Laser Etching

3D Scanning


RF Testing

Composites Routing

Laser Cutting