What CTI Does

Intelligence Solutions

Our seamless blend of technology and tradecraft has served the nation’s top decision-makers from the Cold War to the present day. We excel in delivering comprehensive solutions on Quick Response Capability (QRC) timelines to keep pace with a dynamic geopolitical landscape. We specialize in rapid solution development with in-house end-to-end engineering, fabrication, and testing all taking place by cleared teams in our secure environment.

Integrated Sensing

We create fieldable collection platforms in any form factor and integrate cutting edge technologies spanning nearly every sensor modality. Our systems merge live sensor inputs and data sets to improve situational awareness, alongside AI based algorithms that adapt to the operating environment and transform disparate data into actionable intelligence.

SIGINT Technology

CTI product development teams create SIGINT solutions with any combination of off-the-shelf and custom hardware and software to monitor the spectrum from HF through millimeter wave. We integrate this capability into SWAP optimized, ruggedized, deployable form factors including wideband antennas, power and thermal management all configured to minimize operational signatures.

Unconventional Warfare

We design, build, and test novel warfighting systems that provide asymmetric advantages on the battlefield. Our reputation is built on long-life, ruggedized, low-profile hardware tailored uniquely to each mission. We cooperate directly with military operators and rapid acquisition personnel to fulfill joint operational needs.


CTI scientists, engineers and technicians support national defense capabilities research related to Plasma Physics, Pulsed Power, Space Systems and Materials. For more than four decades we have delivered specialized components and systems to investigate phenomena and support scientific discovery.

Sustainment and O&M

We support what we deliver – often for decades to ensure mission continuity and enhance capability. To mitigate obsolescence, we reconstruct manufacturing methods and data packages from unsupported, sensitive, and unpedigreed hardware using a variety of specialized tools and nondestructive techniques. From analysis and engineering to prototyping and testing, we are adept in component replication, materials sourcing and substitution.